The customer's needs at the center of the design cycle

Our dosing equipment offers accurate and precise measurement for fluid volumes. Our DV product line covers the volume range of 10-5000 ml (0.2 fl oz - 1.3 gal).

Our equipment operates with compressed air and does not require a connection to the electricity grid. As a result our equipment can operate in presence of high level of moisture that would represent an obstacle to other electrical equipment.

We can deliver fully integrated solutions for sorting, filling, and packaging of liquid products.

Fully integrated solutions for sorting, filling, and packaging of liquid products

In our equipment, the pneumatic section is manufactured in corrosion resistant aluminum, while the part in contact with the customer's product is fully manufactured in high quality stainless steel: this allow for operation in environments that require the highest level of cleanliness. Our machines can be disassembled extremely easily and cleaned with a variety of products, including steam.

Our machines are versatile, precise, easy to use, easy to maintain.

By design our products are extremely flexible; they are able to operate with fluids with a very wide range of densities and viscosities. While the machine body is the same for all applications, a choice of different head valves allow to meter different types of fluids.

Our products are designed to be versatile, accurate, and extremely easy to disassemble and service. Our customers are able to perform routine maintenance directly, simply by replacing sealing components that are inexensive and readily available on the market.

Our product line is ideal for accurate and fast dosing of any liquid product.

  • Stand-alone module or integrated packaging lines.
  • Ease of cleaning and servicing.
  • Made in stainless steel.
DV series

Galli s.n.c. designs, manufactures, and distributes engineered solutions for dosing and packaging of liquids and dense products for food, chemical and cosmetic industries. Our equipment can handle products with a substantial solid component (solid particles suspended in the liquid phase).

Our products are used in several fields including food, chemical, and cosmetic industries, offering unmatched precision and reliability.


Galli S.n.c. dosing equipments are ideal for:

Our machines allow for
  • Precise and fast dosing of any type of liquid product
  • Operating within a synchronized and fully integrated packaging environment
  • Automatic operation from conveyor belts
  • Precise dosing of chemical reactants during chemical processes